Scaly Lotion 15ml

Scaly Lotion 15ml

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For all cage birds, e.g. Budgerigars, Canaries, etc.

Johnson’s Scaly Lotion 15 ml – a safe, gentle, soothing lotion for treatment of scaly face & scaly leg in cage birds. (e.g Budgerigars, Canaries, etc.)

Scaly face & scaly leg are caused by a small mite which bores into the cere, beak & legs, causing tissue damage, unsightly scaly growths & in severe or untreated cases, deformities of toes and beak.

Because the infection can spread rapidly to other birds, early treatment is necessary as soon as any symptoms appear.

Key Features:

  • Kills mites which cause scaly face & scaly leg
  • A safe, gentle, soothing lotion
  • For all caged birds e.g. Budgerigars, Canaries, etc.

Size: 15 ml