E-Z Elastic Ring Starter Kit

E-Z Elastic Ring Starter Kit

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A new concept of elastic rings which can easily be put over the leg of a bird, using the specifically manufactured E-Z Ringing Gun.

Thanks to the use of elastic material, the rings feel very comfortable around the leg.


  • It is possible to ring newborn birds when they are just a few days old
  • Its elasticity allows the ring to adjust (limited) to the leg during growth. This reduces (not excluded) the need to ring again more often and controls ingrowth better.
  • The limited height of the rings makes it possible to combine several colours of rings, one above the other, greatly expanding the options for marking.
  • The range comprising 8 ring diameters and 3 available sizes for the E-Z Ringing Gun makes it possible to ring all bird species.
  • The rings are available as a series of bright colours.
  • This new concept clearly provides professional bird breeders with nothing but benefits!