Avimax Breeder Mix

Avimax Breeder Mix

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Complementary feed for ornamental birds

Breeder-Mix is a supplementary animal feather feeder and ensures optimal fertility and breeding condition of your birds during the breeding season. It ensures optimal growth condition and perfect health with your young birds.

Directions for use per kilo of feed: Birds: 20 g (1 measuring cup = 6 gr) / Pigeons: 20-30 g
Blend with grain or eggfood, which have previously had 1 tablespoon of AviMax Forte oils poured onto them.

Instructions of use: simultaneous use with water for drinking in which choline chloride has been added should be avoided. Recommended not to exceed supplemental levels of 1000 mg of choline chloride /kg of complete feed. The product contains 396000 IU of vitamin A. The complementary feed may therefore form a maximum of 3,4% of the complete daily ration.

Store cool and dry. Always provide fresh drinking water.